You are currently viewing 11 Best Online Domain Name Generator Tools for Your Business, Blog

11 Best Online Domain Name Generator Tools for Your Business, Blog

Are you looking for the online domain name generator tools? In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best domain name, where I can buy a new domain. Below we’ve listed the best online domain name generator tools that can help you get the best catchy domain name for your company, brand, or business.

Or if you want to start a blog? Then the first thing you need to buy is a domain name. Did you know that in 2019, 351.8 million domains were booked. Now, it is not easy to find an available domain name for your blog, business, or company.

But I am here to guide you on how to choose the best domain name for your blog. Think for now that I am your domain name generator tool, and you are reading about me so that you can get domain ideas for blogs.

I hope you have already chosen your blog topic, for example, if you want to start a blog/website in food, the first word in your Domain is cooking, eating, bread, cooking, baker, or should be prominent. One more thing, your domain name should not be too long. It should be simple, readable, and memorable.

How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog

Before we head into the online domain name generator tools, we will discuss the primary thing that we should be familiar with, and also, we’ll cover that how to get free Domain for the first year.

A domain name is a basic and primary key to start a blog, business, to take it online. As I mentioned, in 2020, it is not easy to find a top-level (.com) domain. Sometimes we find an attractive domain name, but when we go to buy a .com domain, a message arrives, which is sorry the Domain is already taken, a big headache—things like this push you back to start drawing for a new domain.

What’re the things that you should consider before buying a new domain name?

  1. First, choose your Blog Topic.
  2. Always look for a top-level .com domain.
  3. If possible, try to add a prefix/suffix keyword in your domain name.
  4. A domain must be memorable, catchy.
  5. Try to make it short, like in 7-8 characters long. 
  6. Don’t use Hyphens.

How to Get Free Domain for the First Year?

Yes, you can avail of the offer and buy a free domain. If you want to start a WordPress Blog, then you can avail of the offer. Here you’ll get free Domain for First Year along with the hosting where the hosting price is 2.95$ per month. As below given Online domain name generator tools will help you to find best shorten, memorable domain or business name.

Visit on the Bluehost to get a free domain for the first year with the hosting. The link given is an affiliate link of mine, if you go to Bluehost through my link, they will add me a few bucks. Don’t worry, and they won’t charge you extra. 

Now let’s check out the top domain name generator tools.

11 Best Online Domain Name Generator Tools

Domain Name Generator Tool – Domain Name Generator is a tool that will help you to find the best domain name for your blog, business, or company. With the help of this tool, you’ll get more ideas to get a Catchy Domain Name Generator. Even you can also check the availability of the domain name from the online domain name generator tool page. 

Like you want to make money with your WordPress Blog, you can enter money or synonym words to get domain ideas. 

1) Instant Domain Search


After visiting the website, you’ll get the idea of why I listed this at first. Ajax is running, and the filter mode is active there. It will also give you new ideas by adding keywords as prefix or suffix, not only this. It will also show you the domain name availability.

Isn’t good?

Yeah it is and that;s why I’ve added this online domain name generator tool.

I hope you’ll find a domain from there, and if any of the listed domain name generator tools help you, then please comment thanks below in the comment section will help me.

Visit –

2) Namemesh


The second is Namemesh on our list. You’ll also find a suggestion box there named extra. Red color means Domain is not available and green means the Domain is available. You can filter the result with top-level domain extension like if you’re looking for .com, then you can select the .com extension.

The result will only come up with the new domain names or suggestions, i.e., available with .com. Once you pick the domain name – Go through the Bluehost to get your Domain for free for the first year.

Visit –


3) Shopify Domain Generator


Do you want to start a website on Shopify, an e-commerce website, or a business website?

Shopify now has their Online domain name generator tool shopify. Visit the given link, enter the word you’ve in your mind. It’ll come up with the result, i.e., Domain is available or not, and what other extensions are opened for this Domain. Also, scroll down more to check Alternative Domain Name Ideas.

Like I searched for Blogging and shown that the is not available, but is available. In the same way, you will find an alternative domain name.

Visit –


4) Domain Wheel


Next in our list is DomainWheel; it is also known as Random online Domain Name Generator Tool because It may suggest domain name with hyphens, but please avoid using hyphens in your Domain.

You can scroll more down to check random domain ideas and pick the word to use as a prefix or suffix that is already in your mind. If you found any unique blog topic, then your Domain must be catchy, memorable, short, simple.

Visit –

5) Name Lix

namelix-com Business Name Generator

I’m adding the top (best) online domain name generator tool because each one has a unique, different, and individual output result page. Like what you’ll like here is > after entering the word, it’ll ask for name length. You can select Short names (3-6), medium names(6-12), long names (12+).

namelix-app-character length

And on the next page, it’ll ask for domain name style like you’re looking for a brand domain name, person name, etc. And on the next page, you’ll find the domain name with the logo style. Also, below you’ll find premium domain listing.

Visit –


6) Lean Domain Search


Lean Domain Search is also on our list because it is featured with name popularity, Length. Alphabetical. And also, the result page can be filtered with adding your keyword as prefix or suffix why I listed this in our list because it will only show the available Domain. So, it is easy for you as it shows only available Domain. The result page is containing the full list of available domain names.

Visit –

lean domain search-generator-tool

7) Name Generator


Again I picked the different onlne domain name generator tool for you. Why is it different? Here you can enter two verbs in the field or three or your first and last name. For example, I want to start a Blog Guide website, then fill two verb fields and enter Blog and Guide and Learn, Tutorial, Blogging in the 3rd verb field, and at last, I began my first and last name, Vijay Singh. Now I clicked on “Write me some blog names.” On the next page, I found different – different Blog name ideas. Did you like it? I hope you liked it, then, please comment Thanks in the comment section below.

Visit –

8) Panabee

panabee domain name generator tool

Panabee is a media company with a tool named Domain Name Suggestions, where you can enter two words as Blog Guide. Then it will suggest you with the list of domains i.e., with availability and with already taken. The result page will show the available Domain with the Pelorous color and already taken Domain will show with Chilean Fire color. When you clicked on the Domain, it will take you to the GoDaddy Domain page from Generator Tool page, where you can add the Domain into the cart and complete the payment. Here you can save your money – you can avail free Domain for First Year with BlueHost

Visit –


9) Name Station

Pick the Perfect Domain Name NameStation Tool

Name Station is another free online domain name generator tool; we’re listing now. Here you need to enter a single keyword, i.e., in your mind. Like I searched for Blogging and clicked on “Get Name Suggestions.” At the result page, the tool found 3977 names generated.


I can pick the best one from this, or I can use this result page as I’ve Domain Name ideas list. One more thing is that you can select the domain extension like .com. But it will not show with the filtration like which domain name is available or which is not. It comes with all in a list.

Visit –

10) Impossibility

impossibility Best Domain Generator Tool

First, it will only come up with the result of the available Domain, and the second thing is that you can choose your keyword as prefix or suffix at the domain names results on the page. E.g., I entered blogging then it will ask me to use Blogging as prefix (start) or suffix (end). With the way, you’ll get your keyword in your domain name. And as it is only shown, the available domains are the right thing to go with.

Visit –


11) Domain Puzzler

As its name, it is a Domain Puzzler. If you’re a beginner, you can go with the Domain Puzzler, and you can start your Domain Name Search with “Easy” or “Advanced.”


  • At the Easy tab, enter your many keyword ideas separating with a comma (,) and select .com extension. Result page come up with available and unavailable domains (the generated domain name is a combination of your multiple keywords). 
  • At the Advanced tab, enter your multiple keywords in the first box (separating with commas). And in the next table, enter the word that you want to combine with your keywords. Select the .com domain extension and click on the “search” button. And at the result, you can choose a domain or use results as domain name ideas and think a unique domain name.

Visit –

What to do after getting the Domain?

Ok, so you’ve your domain, now what next? Once you’ve done with the domain name, you need to find the best hosting, and I prefer to go with BlueHost or Siteground. Then connect your Domain with the hosting to make your website live. Now do start what you want to do with your website—just hoping that you’ll get success soon

To be a successful blogger, business, brand, or company, you must have pre-planned for everything like you’re executing your plan step-by-step (on a ladder of success). As you found the most profitable topic for your blog, you went to look for your domain name (with the help of online domain name suggestion tools ). As we all do, you are starting a blog to make money

Also, you found this article helpful then please do share this article with your friends, or on social platforms. 

Thank You

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