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How to Make Money with WordPress Blog? Top 11 Ways for Beginners

Do you want to learn How to make money with WordPress Blog? Yes, you can start a Free WordPress blog and make money. WordPress is the free and open source platform, according to the survey said 20% websites around the worldwide running on self-hosted WordPress.

Starting a blog is easy but make money with blog is not easy, but what is the best thing? yes, Any one can do it.  But what you need to start making money is “targeted traffic”. Many successful bloggers are already on track and making millions of dollars per month.

You too can make own blog and start to work from home whenever you want or on any time. You can earn unlimited with blogging, using multiple networks on your website. All you need is enough targeted traffic to start make money with wordpress Blog, organic traffic will be better ( that comes from Google or other search engines ).

If you came here to make money in a quick way, then you are in the wrong place, this is a guide on how to make money with a WordPress blog website, be patient, do smartly hardwork and be passionate.

Also, be avoid from scammers showing short term rich become terms, make money articles. Don’t go for any courses to scammers, you’ll waster your time and money too.

Who do I need to earn money from a blog? Here you should have a website if you’ve not any website yet follow our step-by-step beginner guide to learn How to Start a WordPress Blog.

Need help? contact me through the contact page, I’ll help you in setup WordPress for free.

How to Make Money with WordPress Blog?

Below I’ve listed top 10 points, using you can earn money with a free wordpress blog. Once you’ve done with the blog setup, customize and complete your blog. Like install the good niche relevant theme and also install the initial essential plugins on your WordPress like Yoast, Google Analytic, etc.

Why I chose the title as How to Make Money with WordPress Blog? Because nowadays, WordPress is very, very easy to use for blogging platform, no need any technical qualification or individual courses, etc. Even WordPress can be used to run as E-commerce, Membership, or Forum website.

Making money with blogging is easy now because I have seen many small bloggers, businesses, and entrepreneurs generating at least 1K dollars per month. From now making money using technology is so easy for even non-technical. Thus, you don’t need to learn any language, individual skills, etc.

What are the things you need to do before you start on how to make money with WordPress Blog?

  • Create more n more valuable content
  • Get targeted niche traffic on your valued content.
  • Convert traffic into your leads, sales, affiliate, etc.

It would be best if you had a pre-proof plan for how your blog will run, stand after 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, or 6 months. Build a perfect strategy to run your blog, and make money, do proper R&D on your niche blog topic. Be prepared with your valuable content as a new blogger. Complete your blog with at least five articles with other top pages like Home, About, Contact, Services, Disclaimer, etc.

Top 11 Ways to Making Money with WordPress Blog

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Allow Guest Post/Blogging
  3. Book Selling
  4. E-Commerce (Woo-Commerce)
  5. Forum Website
  6. Freelancer Website
  7. Google Adsense
  8. Membership Website
  9. Podcast
  10. Review Website
  11. Sell WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts, etc

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” – by Warren Buffett

With the different – different ways, you can start to earn money with WordPress Blog. As above mentioned, you can do monetize your blog, affiliate products, start paid membership, online services provider, list your physical products and sell, accept donations, etc.

1) Make Money with WordPress Affiliate Marketing

Most successful bloggers are making money with affiliate marketing like they’re always providing affiliate links in their post, sidebar on somewhere on their blog. They’re generating tons of affiliate commission. They get paid on every new successful signup. Here I’ll explain you i.e. how to make money with wordpress Blog with taking an example.

Let’s say you start a food blog to make money with your cooking skills. The first step is to complete your food blog with a theme, plugins, high-quality content, top pages. Get the targeted audience on your food blog. Now you can list cooking related stuff from online e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Make Money with WordPress Affiliate Marketing

Create the affiliate account on Amazon, Flipkart, and verify your affiliate account. Now copy the affiliate link of the particular cook product from both Amazon and Flipkart and mention in your post. As you’ve targeted traffic visited your article because they want, they would love to read such articles.

Many bloggers already started affiliate to make money with WordPress blog. If you can impress with your writing and the way of promoting audience will surely like your article, some of them will purchase the cooked product from Amazon or Flipkart. And you’ll get some commission, why? Because of the money, they sent you to say. Thank you for sending your sweet visitant. With that said, you can make money with affiliate marketing, links on WordPress.

2) How can I make money with Guest Blogging

Have you also got the question of how can I make money with guest blogging? Second part is to allow new beginners to allow guest post. Even they’ll pay you too for the blog post. You don’t need to do anything, he/she will write the self-blog post, insert images into post. And apply to you for the guest blogging.

But to make sure that your website have enough targeted audience because you’re accepting guest blog post and charging too. But in return what you’ll get

  1. Fresh content for your website
  2. Money from Guest Blogger for his guest post
  3. You’re also running other affiliate or adsense program

You’ll have 3 benefits, if you’ll start Guest blogging, where you’ll accept Guest Post along with all you can make money with wordpress blog while accepting guest posts.

3) Online Book Selling

You can create your online WordPress blog to sell your books, eBook PDF. Many authors are selling their books on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay. And many successful bloggers are selling their book on their platform with their price. If he/she (the blogger) has targeted the audience, he/she will buy his / her book at the given amount as he/she (the blogger) has already created his / her profile, which one can easily trust will take.

Be active on your blog, keep posting on a schedule. Create all social media account and be active on social platform too. Soon you’ll start to earn money. Don’t ask, How much can you make selling books? there is no limit on.

4) E-Commerce (WordPress Woo-commerce)

WordPress has an add-on integration feature i.e. WordPress woo-commerce with the use of you can easily convert your simple WordPress Blog website into eCommerce ( Woo-commerce ) website. In wordpress, e-commerce platform know as Woo-commerce.

Again no technical qualified, skills required, you can easily convert or start your eCommerce website on WordPress. Also, you can add PayPal, etc payment gateway easily which is very very easy to integrate.

How to Make Money with eCommerce

Let’s say my company making handmade “Mask, full face mask, etc products. Then what I can do, start a eCommerce website on WordPress where I’ll upload mask products with Title, Description, Price, Image etc. I’ll also configure the PayPal payment gateway from the backend. It’s done, my all products are live with price, images, description etc. Anyone can purchase my products.

Again same thing will come here, first you need to do promote your WordPress eCommerce Blog via social platform Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. You can also opt-in Google adwords etc. Soon you’ll have enough audience and your product will start to make money for you.

5) Forum Website

To do this, you can create a WordPress forum website and listed there your pricing plans. There you can be limited to access for free users and a VIP area for the premium members. Forum website is only a platform where is an end-to-end interaction.

While building a forum website, you’ll have to do a lot of work on your forum WordPress website. Then you can make money. So,  you can run a complete premium VIP forum. With the end-to-end advice, you can easily interact and help others. Once you’ve enough target, you can promote affiliate niche products on your forum to make money with wordpress Blog or forum wordpress blog website.

6) Freelancer Website

In 2019, I was working as a freelancer, building relationships with clients. I executed my plan and started with my portfolio website, where I have listed all my services and all delivered projects. I have produced around 200 projects in WordPress, e-commerce, PHP scripts, bootstrap templates, etc. and I am still doing the same.

Make Money with Freelancing

You can do the same, create your portfolio website, and declare that you are a freelancer, and your job is freelancing. You have to promote your site on social media and other related websites. Create a secure connection, network with your customers. Be polite, do more than what they are paying for you, be responsive, stay online, and continue to communicate with your customers.

Try to increase your connection area, invite customers from different Ara. Be patient, work hard in a smart way. Why have I listed this point to make money with a WordPress blog? Because I have enough experience, I have done the same, as I just explained.

7) Show Google Ads on your Website and Make Money

Google Adsene is very simple and easy to use. You can also use Google Adsense to monetize your blog to make money with WordPress Blog. I’ll post the complete step-by-step article in upcoming days. There I’ll list all points like

  • How to Apply for Google Adsense?
  • What is the eligibility to apply for Google Adsens?
  • What is the Minimum Withdrawal limit on Google Adsense?
  • How many days they will take to approve Google Adsense?
  • When they’ll pay?
  • And more

But we’ll read in short, you already started your website and you’re running your website well, daily or weekly posting article on your Blog WordPress website. Also, you’ve enough traffic, etc. You can Google Ads on your WordPress Blog and earn money. You can also download the Google Adsense Plugin. With the help of you plugin, you don’t have to expert. You can simply create the Ad from the Google Adsense account and apply the Ad code on your website.

Here you apply for Google Adsene

8) Make Money with Paid VIP/Premium WordPress Membership Website

Do you provide any particular type of service? Yes, you can build a membership website WordPress. You can list your pricing plans with the login/signup button on the homepage of the site. The user can then check the pricing plans, complete checkout, create a new account, and start using your services.

Again building a membership website on WordPress is not easy. You’ve to read some guide articles and watch videos to learn how to make a premium membership website on WordPress?

Make Money with Premium WordPress Membership Website

If you do not have any services to provide or do not want to go with the services, you can restrict users to read your content. A user must pay first to use the content and create a new account. You have to do a lot of work along with significant investments because your loyal readers/subscribers list is increasing.

They are paying for premium content, you are posting on your post. Suit up with editorial calendar, keep posting from time to time with premium and quality content. Because your loyal readers have paid you, they also want to be updated with new content.

9) Start a Podcast

What is a Podcast? A spoken word digital audio file made available on a website so that a user can download it on the local computer and start listening. Even users can also stream the audio. You can also begin to Podcast where you can upload your digital word to your huge fans on your website. Same, you can also run affiliate campaigns on your website hence you can make money with WordPress blog. Nowadays, it is straightforward to make a podcast website on WordPress.

10) Start a Review website and Make Money

  • A question of how to make money with a review website?
  • do you use YouTube? Of course, you’re.

Have you seen some videos that introduce digital products like a new mobile phone with their features? Those YouTubers are running a review channel where they’re reviewing digital products. They’re making tons of money by uploading review video.

Same way, you’ll get paid to review the product, etc. At initial, promote your website on every social media platform. Once you have enough audience, top marketers will reach you. They ask you to review their product on your website. You can charge them as your fees for reviewing their product with that way you can make Money with wordpress blog.

11) Sell Products

You can build selling WordPress website where you can WordPress Themes, Plugins, PHP Scripts, Bootstrap & HTML templates, etc. You can sell all WordPress Themes, Plugins that comes under GNU General Public License where they are free to widely used for run, study, update, modification purpose. You can sell such things on your website at a low/cheap price.

You can list your price for the specific theme or plugin and integrate a payment gateway on your website. With that, any user can pay you and download the theme or plugin.


I’ve introduced Top 11 ways that proves to Make Money with WordPress Blog is easy but no so easy. Easy in many things, like you can work on your time, you can work from home, you’re the boss who is running his blog like a business. You can run your blog and put some money in your blog to promote in Google.

“Save to invest don’t save to save. The only reason to save money is to invest it.” by Grant Cardone

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