Website Speed Optimization


Hire @RockViju for Website Speed Optimization Service

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What You’ll get –

  ✶ Rocket Speed
  ✶ Upto 90+ Speed Score
  ✶ Upto 85+ Speed Score
  ✶ Below 3 Sec. load time
  ✶ Check Description for list of features, you’ll get.



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Hire @RockViju for Website Speed Optimization, Vijay Singh is really a Website Speed Optimization Expert

Do you want Rocket Speed for your slow website, we are experienced developers familiar with all slow loading defer JS, CSS, etc.

Why should I trust you?

Check our other delivered Projects –

Why? Price is least and best?

Because we are not a brand or agency, we don’t have to pay rents, employees’ salaries, etc. We’ve not many expenses as we believe in delivering quality work on time also.

Till now we’ve speed-up 60+ websites WordPress, eCommerce websites. We promised to optimize page speed score upto 90+ (can be 99 scores) and 85+ Yslow (can be 90+) score – Hire us for “Website Speed Optimization Service“.

website speed optimization service

Hire @RockViju for Website Speed Optimization Service

Your website loads slow? Hire me for WordPress / eCommerce Website Speed Optimization Service. Sometimes speed optimization process can take 3 days. But mainly we deliver within 2 days.

What you’ll get –

  1. Rocket Speed 
  2. Upto 90+ Speed Score
  3. Upto 85+ Speed Score
  4. Below 3 Sec. load time
  5. 70-75+ Speed Score for eCommerce Website
  6. 65-70+ YSlow Score for eCommerce Website
  7. Below 4 Sec. load time for eCommerce Website
  8. Permanent Solution, if you’ll follow our Doc. after Project delivery
  9. One time charge
  10. Extra charges for Premium Plugins

I’ve already optimized 30+ WordPress and eCommerce Websites. I’ve hands-on experience in Website Speed Optimization. I can optimize the website speed upto 99% and load time below 1.5 sec. but things depend on many factors.

What do we need?

  1. FTP Access
  2. Website Access only

In this package, you can hire me for a Website Speed Optimization Service.

If you want a fresh eCommerce Website with a great design then you can go with Build an eCommerce Website Package.

Also, we offer to design WordPress from PSD/XD Designs, choose this plan to get Custom WordPress Design from Scratch PSD/XD.

Or you can get a simple 5-7 page WordPress Website with another package.

Additional information

Choose an Option

Simple WordPress (Without eCommerce), eCommerce Webite


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