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How to Start a Blog in 2024 – Blogging Guide for Beginners

Want to learn How to start a WordPress blog? You came to the right place. In 2021, much easier to start and make money, even with no coding, designing skills. With the below step-by-step guide, you can quickly start your own personal or professional website. Also, I’ve covered things step-by-step beginners guide to start blogging and get paid, we’ll discuss later in this post. Ok, so without wasting too much time let’s get started,

Are these questions coming in your mind before Why Starting WordPress a Blog?

Q1. Do I need to learn any technical language or coding?
A1. No.

Q2. Is it expensive or free to start?
A2. Well, it’s not 100% free, you have to pay around 70-80$ for a year. Or we can say it will cost you around 5$ per month.

Q3. Can’t I with free?
A3. Yes, you can go with a free i.e., but these things are for hobbers. Also, there you’ll have limited control over the elements. Or if they had shut down, then you will lose your content.

Q4. How long will it take me to set up?
A4. It will take around 20-25 minutes.

How to Start a WordPress Blog in 2021 easy steps?

  1. Firstly you need to choose the right topic. 
  2. Buy a new domain, use /
  3. Choose the hosting and setup WordPress.
    Here, I’ll prefer to go with Bluehost website ( 3.95$ / Month ). Here you’ll get a free domain with the hosting plan.
  4. Now install the Simple WordPress Theme.
  5. Here, you’re ready to start!! Start to write a new article.

I created my first blog in 2013, just for a time-pass, I figured that I could spend my time, get an audience, interact with new people.

Step 1 – Start a WordPress Blog in a Niche

Before you start, firstly you need to choose a topic. Because you must come up with the topic that you love to write about. If you can’t then you shouldn’t start. For now, if you come up with any topic and start blogging. And if you don’t show your love to it or then do not keep writing about it, then you will soon be out. And you could not build your audience.

Survey says, up to 90%, bloggers fail because they are not “Passionate enough“.

In 2013, as I decided to posts articles related to deals, coupon code, referral, android tips and tricks related stuff because I like to write about that stuff.

A blog topic can be a Fashion, Gym, Travel, Affiliate or Review, etc. I recommend choosing a topic that you can write about that you’re interested in it.

Like the same, you can pick a topic like what you like, what about you can write. If you are a fashionista, then you can start to start a Fashion Blog, then you can begin to write about cloths, accessories, shoes, glasses, etc.

Choose a Blog Topic –

  1. Do you like to write about something?
  2. Are you an expert in your topic?
  3. Or if you’re in the learning process, want to share?

✍ Top 85 – Best Blogging Ideas

Let’s take an example – I love to read books. I have read hundreds of book reading. So I can share unique points, learning points in a short article. Hence you can start a blog on books.
You love cooking, and You can start a Food blog. There you can share what you learn today or what you cooked today, something special etc.
if you want to start a profitable blog, then you can create an affiliate website or a review website. There you can promote brands, products, services etc.

Bloggers don’t fail because of the scarcity of passion; they fail because they don’t transition their writing knack to the business owner.

Step 2 – Buy a Domain name for your Blog

Now in the second step, go to buy a domain name that can be as or or Like I choose I could also pick or etc.

You can get a free domain name from Bluehost along with the hosting plan that cost you 3.95$ Per/month.

Make sure you get the right domain name; it should not be a long domain name like Keep it short n sweet, also if it is to be easy to call, memorable, will be great for you.

Like I decided to run a blog about food or fashion, then I will buy a domain on my name, i.e. Or I will buy a domain name as a fashion brand name like – or, etc. Or in Simple, you can go with name as /

Step 3 – Choose a Hosting

First, we will discuss why to choose to host, even why should I not go with free hosting as they offered open blogging platform.

My college friend asked me what if I choose free hosting or go with an open blogging platform. Then I answered him that yes you could go with free hosting, but there you’ll have no control. Even whenever they shut down or stopped their free services, you’ll lose your website.

But if you choose Self-Hosted blogging platform like WordPress. You’ll have full of control on everything. No chance to lose data, because you paid for the services, you’re using there. You will be in charge of your Blog, domain and hosting as per their guidelines.

I have the best example to sort this out – In 2013, when I started blog at with the BlogSpot domain like (free domain). After six months, I bought a new domain name and connectet.

And after two years, without any notification, my blog removed from because I received multiple reports. I loose almost 1500+ posts.

So, best to go with WordPress to start your Blog. You can buy hosting from Bluehost. They offer a free domain with the hosting plan 3.95$ Per/Month

But if you can pay a little bit more; then you can go with Siteground, which is the best hosting because they offer free CDN (Cloudflare), price is $3.95/mo

Step 4 – Get Hosting and Install WordPress

✍ First of all, follow the link – BlueHost

✍ Click on the “Get Started button” and Choose the basic plan. On the next page enter your domain. And click on the “Next” button.

✍ On the next page, Enter your details like name, city, country, zip code, etc.


✍ Un-Tick all at Extra Package.

✍ Now complete the payment and login to your Bluehost account.

✍ After login head to Marketplace > Add website > Install WordPress.

✍ Enter Site Title, Tagline click on the “Next” button.
✍ Then select the “Domain”.
✍ Now copy the “WordPress Username and Password” and save it for future logins.

Now, visit your website, there you will find a active coming soon page because there is nothing to show on your website, so follow the next step to get a theme and install it on your WordPress.

Step 5 – Install WordPress Theme and Tune the initial setup

Now, as you have done with the WordPress installation, next thing to do is to find and install the best wordpress theme that suits your niche, like if you started a fashion blog. Then find and install fashion blog theme.

Because your website front-end should be transparent, not messy, readable, it should be loved. You can find the theme at

Even login to your WordPress navigate to Appearance > Themes > Add New. There you’ll find the number of themes, Simple select the theme and click on Install then Activate to activate the theme in your website.

Install Essential needed Plugins on new the WordPress website

Finally, we installed wordpress and also installed the WordPress theme. Let’s discuss on Plugin, What Plugin is?

In computer, we used different – different software for their different usage. Like we Google Chrome to surf, browse the website, watch Youtube. We use office word for document purpose. The same way in WordPress, plugins are known as a tool or software being used for a different-different purpose.

What you need is – 

  1. Classic Editor – On new WordPress version there is a different editor if you didn’t like the way it. Then you can go for the “Classic Editor“. There simply you can manage, understand all the stuff around there. 
  2. Yoast SEO – You write the blog post, but what it has no overall good score. Yoast SEO plugin will help you to optimize your article. With it, you can check your content score, follow their actions. Using Yoast SEO Plugin, you can add SEO Title, Meta Description, etc. With this, you can optimize your blog post to get rank in Google SERP ( Search Engine Result Page )
  3. Contact Form 7 – Using this, you can place contact form at the contact page on the website.
  4. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights – With this, you can view stats, track visitors, how they landed on your website, where they came from.
  5. WP Fastest Cache Plugin – There are numbers of plugins, but WP-Fastest is the good one and simple to use. With this, you can optimize your website speed score. Because Google also considers those websites having good speed score. 

Follow the below example, to install any plugin, listed above. Like I want to install the Classic Editor Plugin.

Go to the Plugins > Add New and Search for Classic editor, and install it.

While doing the same, you can install all other plugins. Follow the same way. Hope you did well with the above steps

Step 6 – How to write a New Blog Post and Publish it

So, you have chosen the blog topic, domain, you purchased the hosting. You set up WordPress, installed theme and also install plugins. Next thing to start is > Writing the first article on your blog and publish it.

Before start writing your first post, make sure you choose the right topic, clear idea about the subject, like how it will go, how you will write your post or how to start with the first post in WordPress.

In the world of blogging, you must learn about How to write a post. Still, Content is king. Everything that you will pick for your audience and publish on your blog known as “Content”.

Things to consider on before writing a post –

✍ Your content should be able to attract a specific audience. The thing is, you’re writing for them, not only for you.

✍ Your content should be such that whatever comes, it will be engaged with it. Also, always keep in mind to write only quality content; if it’s a piece of information, then make sure it should be informative.

✍ Avoid frustrating ads, pop-up or banner ads as we’ve seen on the movie website. It shouldn’t.

With these, you can go and run your blog smoothly. Make sure to keep learning about how to write a post. Doesn’t matter what your about is, but it must have great content on it. Give your audience a reason to come to your website and read the article, even regularly whenever you post. Your targeted audience should love it.

✍ First, log in to your WordPress then select “Post” left side and click on “Add New”.

✍  On the next page, give the title to your post and start writing in below box ( known as visual editor).

✍ Once you have done, click on the right side “Publish” button.
✍ Your new first blog post goes live now.

Here you’re ready to promote your new article. You can share your first article on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

Make sure to create Key Pages on your website, like “About” page, “Contact” page, “Privacy Policy” page. Also, you’re willing to provide services or product then create a service page.

Step 7 – Create a Social Profile of your Blog

Now visit on a different – different social platform like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. And build there social profile page of your website, i.e. presenting the social image to your audience.

Complete your social profile with Profile logo and Profile cover page. Add a full description in short words on the social profile page. Also, don’t forget to add your website URL on all social profile page.

Make sure to be active on all social platform and keep sharing something on time to time. It will show social presents to your audience that yes, you’re keen on all platforms.

Also, share your blog URL with all of your friends, known, relatives etc. Send them Blog Name as well as Blog URL.

Step 8 – Submit your New Blog to Google Webmaster

As you have done with all initial actions and your blog is live with all pages with the post. Also, you have already created the social profile. Next step is to submit your new wordpress blog on all search engine platform. Like here, I guide how to submit website on Google.

First Submit to Google  –

✍ Visit Submit URL page to visit Google Webmaster URL Submission Page

✍ Login with your Gmail details.

✍ Enter your new “Website URL“.

✍ Click on the “continue” button, on next Copy the HTML Tag Code.

✍ Login to your WordPress, follow > Appearance > Theme Editor > Header.php file  > Google webmaster HTML code before </head> tag.

For a complete step-by-step guide with photo, follow – How to Submit Your Website to Google Webmaster.

Step 9 – How to Make Money with Blog | Monetization

In 2021, both things are there, i.e. easy to Make a Profitable Blog and earn money with it. Easy for beginners be but not easy to earn money. If you began a website with the thing that create a new website and make money with, is easy. Then you’re wrong. 

But if you choose a topic, that you loved and you can work with full of dedication, with the proper SEO, Google guidelines, following the suggestions, etc. After 4-6 months, depending on your work quality, you can make money. 

Nowadays, there are numbers of ways to start making money with blogging. Like you can apply for Google Adsense, hosting affiliate, direct product selling. 

Monetize Blog with Google Adsense

Before you start to apply monetization with Google Adsense, you must read their terms and complete the Google Adsense Eligibility criteria before applying for the Adsense.

  1. You must be 18+.
  2. Your website should contain unique and fresh content.
  3. Complete your website with special pages.
  4. Check the Alignment of your website.
  5. Your website menus should be in an arranged way.

Else, go for Affiliate Programs

You can enroll for any affiliate programs and start selling affiliated products, services etc. For example – You did start a Fitness Blog, there you can sell protein powder, supplements, etc. Also, you can sell products from Amazon and other eCommerce platforms. Later on, you can open your brand and sell your product and make money.

Sponsored Articles

Do you watch YouTube videos? Hope you have seen many of videos where a Youtuber is promoting a particular brand or product in his single video, we called it “Sponsored Video”. Same in blogging, anyone brand or individual can contact you to write a sponsored article. That way, you can also earn money with the sponsored post.

You saw, there are many ways to earn dollars $$ with blogging, depending on you and your articles. But first, do hard work, promote your blog. First, earn the targeted audience then you can think for income.


Congratulations!! Hope you learned successfully with How to start a WordPress blog in 2021 and make money with different-different mentioned steps. You started a blog? If it is live, then please mention URL in the comment section below. I would be very pleased.

Also, if you still have any doubts, question. Feel free to ask me. I’ll reply to you and help you out. Thank you. If you found this article helpful for you and your friends, please share it with your friends or on the social platform.

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