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How to Delete Tumblr Blog? 5 Easy Steps with Photos & Video

Bored using Tumblr Blog?

Want to know How to delete Tumblr Blog without deleting an account?

Ohh, keep reading this post because with the step-by-step guide you can easily delete the Tumblr Blog without deleting the Main Tumblr Account.

There’re many reasons to delete Tumblr Blog where the most one is Starting a WordPress Blog.

I’ve seen many of beginners started using Tumblr Blog, but when the time come up, want to delete blog from Tumblr or when they want to delete Tumblr Blog, they got deleted the Main Tumblr Account.

How to Delete Tumblr Blog

That’s why I’m started this post with the Guide below with the help of pictures you can follow the 5 easy steps to delete Tumblr Blog.

Below I’ve covered the article with the complete guide of Deleting Tumblr Blog or Account on Desktop, iPhone or Android.

How to Delete Tumblr Blog on Desktop

In this, you can follow these simple steps to delete Tu
1. First Login to your Tumblr Account Here –

2. Enter Your Email Id and click on “Next” button.

Tumblr Login Page

3. On the next page, Choose “Send me a Magic Link” or “Enter Password”.

Tumblr Login with Password or Magic Link

4. After login, Check the Right Side user icon.

5. Click on the User Icon > Select Your Blog (Check below Image).

Tumblr Setting

6. Right Side of the setting page, Select & Click on the Blog that you want to delete.

Choose Blog from Tumblr

7. Scroll down on Tumblr Blog Setting Blog & Click on the “Export [Your-Tumlr-Blog-name]” like “Export rockvijutest” to take backup of your Tumblr Blog with Articles, etc.

Export Tumblr Blog Data

8. At the last, you’ll find an option to “Delete [Your-Tumblr-Blog-Name]” lile “Delete rockvijutest”, click on it.

Delete Tumblr Blog without deleteing the Account

9. Next Page is the final confirmation for deleting Tumblr Blog, it’ll ask you for your “Email and Password”. Fill the both details and click on “Delete [Your-Tumblr-Blog-Name]” like Delete rockvijutest.

Final Confirmation for Deleting Tumblr Blog

10. You done it, Here you’ll get final confirm message, you’ve successfully deleted the Tumblr Blog.

After deleting Tumblr Blog Message

I hope you understand the way of deleting Blog from Tumblr in 5 easy steps with the help of pictures. Actually the steps are 10 but if we can leave the basic steps then main steps are 5 only.

But to make it easy, I just expand the steps twice, so we can say it’s a 10 Step easy Guide to Delete Tumblr Blog.

Steps to Delete Blog from Tumblr Android App

With this Tumblr App guide, make sure that you are following each step correctly. I have often seen that people make mistakes in a hurry, so do not get your account deleted in a hurry. Ohk, let’s start with quick easy guide.

1) Open Tumblr App in Android & Tap on the “User” icon at right bottom.

Open Tumblr Android App and select on user icon


2) Next, Click on the Arrow down > Select Blog that you want to delete.

Select Tumblr Blog from Arrow Down

3) As I want to delete “RockVijuiPhone” blog. Now click on the “Setting”.

Select Tumblr Blog and Click on Setting

4) Now, Click on “Delete This Tumblr”.

Click on Delete this Tumblr

5) Now as Confirmation, it will re-ask you to enter your Tumblr Password to Delete Tumblr Blog.

Enter Your Tumblr Password to Delete Blog

These are the 5 easy steps with photos to Delete Tumblr Blog without deleting the main account.

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How to Delete Tumblr Blog from iPhone?

I’ve checked iPhone Tumblr Application, failed to found steps to delete Tumblr Blog on iPhone. There is no way to eliminate it.

Yes, maybe in the upcoming version we get, if I get any update, I’ll update you here. But you can quickly delete the Tumblr Blog without deleting Account from Android as well as desktop devices.

Steps are already shared, hope you loved it. Please share your prized feedback.

I perceive you removed your Tumblr blog from your main account. No need to delete your Main Tumblr Account.

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How to Delete Tumblr Blog is Tested by You is it working?
Yes, first I created a new Tumblr blog and then delete it.
Is it possible to Restore my Tumblr Blog After Delete?
No, you cannot get your blog back after deletion, your blog has been permanently deleted.
Can I take Backup before Delete?
Yes, you can backup, you can export your blog data before deleting.
Can I restore my Blog Data After Delete?
Yes, you can import Blog Data after creating new Blog.
Is there any way to delete blog from iOS / iPhone devices?
Not yet but it may be possible in the upcoming version.

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