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How to Create Sitemap for Blogger? Top 3 Alternatives

I’m sure if you’re just new to the blogging area, aware of what is Sitemap and looking for How to Create Sitemap for Blogger. A sitemap is in an XML format that has all available links of your website’s pages, posts like a roadmap that tells search engines like Google, Bing, etc about your Website’s all pages and posts, etc.

So, it helps search engines to identify all your website’s pages and posts at one page i.e. XML format sitemap. Here is an example of my website’s XML Sitemap – Here.

If the search engine will visit the above-given link, will find 11 posts with a single visit to my XML Sitemap. So, it makes it very easy for a search engine to track all pages and posts, etc from your website via visiting the XML sitemap file.

How to Create XML Sitemap for Blogger?

In the following steps I’ll guide with how to create the sitemap for blogger, so you can easily create an XML sitemap for your blogger blog website. I’ll add different – different ways to create Blogger Sitemap, so you can follow any one of the steps from below as per your needs.


Because nowadays there are different – different and number of websites available in the world, with the help you can easily generate or create a sitemap for your blog. What you need to do is just enter your Blog URL and submit to generate Sitemap for your website, you’ll be done then.

An XML format sitemap will be generated, then you can easily download the sitemap and can easily submit to the Google Search Console.

How to Create Sitemap for Blogger?

1) Generate Blogger Sitemap at –

A very old website i.e. where you can easily generate XML format sitemap for your blog, you can simply submit your blog URL. Below click on “More Options” enable Include “Page Last modification” attribute and Automatically calculate “Page Priority” attribute and from the Pages “Change Frequency” attribute set as “Weekly”.


You can also follow the below screenshot. Then click on the “Start” button. And wait for a while in the meantime system will crawl your website for pages, posts, etc. Finally, click on “View Sitemap Details”.


There you’ll find a button to download XML format Sitemap, click on the “Download your XML sitemap file” button to download recently generated XML Sitemap for your Blogger blog. Now you can upload the Sitemap to your Google Search Console here. There you can submit your sitemap. With that, you’ll get your answer of How to Create Sitemap for Blogger.


Another Web platform named My Sitemap Generator dot com where you can also generate Sitemap for your blogger blog. You can also design your Sitemap XML sheet, in case if you want to showcase your Sitemap on your blog.

In their Free plan, you can crawl a maximum of 500 pages or posts. if you’ve more than 500 posts then you’ll need their Static Pro or Dynamic plan where you can crawl 1 million URLs or unlimited URLs respectively.

After submitting the Blog URL it will ask to verify through Captcha and click on the submit button. Finally, you’ll get a page saying Crawl Successfully completed. Now you can download the generated Sitemap.

3) SmallSEOTools – Sitemap Generator 

The 3rd Alternative answer of How to Create Sitemap for Blogger is SmallSEOTools Website where you can also generator and download the Sitemap for your blogger blog.

  • Simple Click Here.
  • On the Next Page enter your Blog URL to generate/Create Sitemap for your Blogger Blog.
  • Follow the setting like Change Frequency, Default Priority, How many pages do I need to crawl? etc.
  • Next to click on the “Generate Sitemap” button.
  • Verify the Captcha. And you’re done.
  • Download the Generated XML Sitemap of Your Blog and Submit to the Google Search Console.

Conclusion –

Hope you’ve successfully generated Sitemap for your blog, I tried to update the best and easy step for how to create a sitemap for blogger blog online. So you can now easily create an XML sitemap through the above alternatives. if you haven’t started a blog yet, follow our ultimate guide –

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