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How to Choose a Profitable Blog Topic – 85 Niche Blogging Ideas

Are you ready to learn about How to choose a profitable topic for you blog? In 2020, even after (Corona) pandemic, you can start a micro niche blog on Corona. Below we’ve also discussed on best niches for blogging. Also, I posted on Affiliate Blog Niche to make money.

There are many topics to start your Blog on, but make sure you should be enough passionate and knowledgeable about it. The matter is how much you can write on your blog topic and how long. I mean choosing, the Best Niche Blog topic is entirely different from looking for different-different ideas for blog post.

Essential Tips on Choosing a Profitable Blog Topic

Choosing a niche topic pick for a blog is the base key. If you start with wrong, all goes wrong. So, don’t make a mistake like people often do. Many people started a blog with a random topic like they began to blog on the PUBG game because they heard about it, and they started and failed.

What are the common mistakes done by beginner bloggers

Copycat, they start a blog because other people are doing the same.

You’re writing for everyone in the world.

You did not start building an Email List, from the first day of blogging

You don’t have any schedule. You’re publishing post sporadically.

You’re not writing to your target audience. Alternatively, you’re relying on SEO and social platforms.

You don’t learn about blog writing. Instead, you keep posting blog post content.

Here I listed a few common mistakes. If you’re new to the blogging world, then you should avoid these mistakes. Well, now a question will arise in your mind that if I can’t do the test, can’t pick any topic then how to deal with it.

How to Choose a Profitable Blog Topic?

So, how to or what topic should I choose for my blog? What if you have only passion but no focus. So If you had tried hard to find the best blogging topics for you, you could check the given points below.

Firstly, note down the fellow given points into your textbook and make a list of your choices

Best Niche Blogging Ideas

The main things are that nowadays, all types of different-different profitable blog topics, such as niche-oriented blogs, are running around the world. You’re not going the first. We can say a hole is there, but you need to find something interesting about fitting in. Else, you blog will run for a month, or a six month or hardly for one year.

Once you noted all things on the blank with all things you’re interested in, pick the one or two or three and do some research on Google. Find some ranking relevant website and noted down all website URLs. Start reading about selected topics and try to write about related topics. This thing will surely help you out to find the best blogging niche topic for your blog.

Best 85 Blogging Topics

Like you’re more interested in Food. And you can just write about food, you loved to discover, learn new things about food. You spend your free time to learn cooking. Then you can start a blog on Food. Same way, below, I’m going to list all top blogging niche ideas.

Below we are listing all types of blog topics like low competition niche, high demanding, best for Affiliate blogging, make money blogs, and micro-niche blogs.

  1. Acne/Skincare
  2. Airbnb Tips
  3. Arts
  4. Atheism
  5. Baking
  6. Banking
  7. Beer
  8. Bike
  9. Boating
  10. Body Weight
  11. Cars
  12. Career Advice
  13. Coding / Development ( Micro Niche Blog Example – HTML, CSS, PHP, C, C++, Java, etc)
  14. College Applicants
  15. Coupon offers
  16. Cryptocurrency
  17. Dating
  18. Divorce
  19. DIY Projects
  20. Drawing
  21. Drones
  22. Education
  23. eCommerce
  24. eSports
  25. Fashion Tips
  26. Financial Independence
  27. Fishing
  28. Fitness Blog
  29. Freelancing
  30. Funny workplace stories
  31. Gardening
  32. Graphic Design
  33. Hiking
  34. Home Improvement
  35. Home Decoration
  36. Interior Design
  37. iOS App Development
  38. Investment
  39. Ironman
  40. Living Abroad ( e.g., the life of America)
  41. Learning A Language
  42. Makeup
  43. Marriage
  44. Meditation
  45. Mental Health
  46. Minimalism
  47. Mobile App Development
  48. Movies
  49. Music
  50. Natural Medicine
  51. Personal Finance
  52. Personal Style
  53. Pets ( Micro Niche Blog Example is Dog Life )
  54. Photography
  55. Physical Sports
  56. Pregnancy
  57. Productivity
  58. Public Speaking
  59. Poker
  60. Recipes
  61. Real estate
  62. Religion
  63. Retirement
  64. Running Marathons
  65. RVing
  66. Self-publishing
  67. SEO
  68. Sewing / Knitting
  69. Shopify
  70. Social Media
  71. Solar Power
  72. Specific Diets (e.g., Vegan)
  73. Standing Desks
  74. Satire
  75. Travel
  76. Travel hacking/churning
  77. Video Games
  78. Weight Lifting
  79. Wine
  80. WordPress
  81. Writing
  82. Yoga
  83. YouTube
  84. Your Local Area (e.g,. Stuff to in my town)
  85. Suggest me, if you found any

Here is a list of blogging ideas. You can pick any of the above suggestion lists. Now let’s move to our next heading.

Could this be my profitable blog?

The next step is to do some research about the topic that you have selected. And check how you’ll make it as your profitable blog. Here we will understand the things using an example given below –

E.g., I’ve selected a Fitness blog to start with, how can I make it as my Profitable Blog. Well, I can begin to the affiliate after once I build the audience on my blog. But first, I’ve to focus on creating fresh, unique, and demanding content. I’ve to be an editorial calendar.

The process may take 3-6 months or up to 1 year to build the targeted fitness-oriented audience. But then I can start selling affiliated products and make money with blogging. You should be creative first. You must set at least three months’ goal. Then you’ll have more than 100+ email lists within three months and so on.

How to Find Top Trending Blog Topics

Finding the top trending blog topic will not be a good thing, but your hobby could trends. E.g., your hobby is Hiking, and you can explain more about it better than anyone else.

Visit Google Trends and enter “Hiking” and start the search.

Choose Trending Niche Topic for Blog

Now look the graph as showing interest over time. You selected topic should be stable and continue rising. This graph indicates that your topic is growing, abstain, or balanced. And Hiking is showing as durable and increasing.

It would be best if you avoided the abstain topic as we can see that Hiking looks like a great topic to start. If you begin with Hiking Blog Topic, you’ll have the audience on your blog for many years.

Choose Low Competition Niche for Blog

If we choose the high demand blog niche, it will become harder to get rank in Google Search Result Page. Like if I go with Hiking, About results are there. With this keyword, I can’t beat other ranked websites.


Choose low competition blog niche

Now, if you’ll scroll down on the same page, you’ll find Searches related Hiking. Here we’ll pick a lower niche topic. Here I will select the keyword to see per month search volume of the keyword.

Choose Low Niche Blog Topic

Now, I’m going to use Google Keyword Planner Tool to check keyword search volume and competition level. There you’ll find Types of Hiking, Benefits of Hiking has low competition volume, and around 1K to 10K per month search volume.

How to run Affiliate on this Blog

I hope you understand will the initially taken actions. Next, we will ensure that the Blog is Profitable. Here you can do affiliate on your blog if your blog has enough audience to promote products. So, you can make money with your blog. You can sell Hiking related products on your website to your targeted audience, more natural for you.

How to make profitable blog

E.g., you can affiliate your amazon products on your website and make money with your niche blog. But make sure you’ve followed the same as the above steps to choose a blog topic.

So, now you have your blog topic, follow How to Start a Blog in 2020 step-by-step guide for beginners will help you to set up your website on hosting with WordPress.


Now you must set a schedule to continuing post on your blog. Ensure all blog post is optimized and well-written. Nowadays, Google considers all factors when he decides to rank for the post. Keep writing, keep blogging, and be patient. Soon you’ll have hundreds of targeted audiences.

Don’t forget to share How to Choose a Profitable Blog Topic Article with your friends, families, and the social platform. May be your shared article is useful to someone.

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